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Trade Leader Services

Trade Leader Services



Automatically Make the Same Trades as Trade Leaders in your AutoShares Online Brokerage Account.

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Choose a trade leader

1. Choose a trade leader

Study the stats. Read the reviews.

Trade strategies are ranked and rated.


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Select your broker

2. Set up your AutoShares Account

Open an online brokerage account you know and trust.

Your money stays in your AutoShares account.


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3. Set your trade size

You control whether trades are big or small.

Who says size doesn’t matter?


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Turn it on

4. Turn it on

Your broker account trades automatically.

We keep you “in sync” with your leaders.


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Stay in control

5. Stay in control

Monitor trades in real time.

Close losers. Take profits.


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Share your results

6. Share your results

Share which strategies work, and which don’t.


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Trade Leaders/Publishers


Earn money

1. Earn money selling your signals

Publish your system. Perform well. Get paid.


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Auto Trading

2. Offer auto trading to clients

Make your strategy “auto-tradable” instantly.

Push button connections to AutoShares.


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Trade what you want

3. Trade what you want

Whatever you trade, we’ve got you covered.

Stocks, options, and ETF's.


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Six ways to submit your trade

4. Four ways to submit your trade

Let’s count them.

Web, brokerage account submit, API, and email.


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Manage your business

5. Manage your business

You trade. We take care of the rest.

Awesome subscriber management tools, custom price breaks, electronic coupons.


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Protect your intellectual property

6. Protect your intellectual property

Reveal what you want.

Your edge and secret trading sauce
remains with you.


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