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Trade Execution Services

Trade Execution Services

We concentrate on providing exceptional market access, technology, trade execution, and customer support, while leveraging the operational capabilities of Apex Clearing  to clear transactions and custody all client's securities and cash. We chose to operate in this way to mitigate risk and meet the needs of our clients, from high-volume institutional customers to individuals requiring traditional online investing services.

Advisors, Brokers, and Banks

Integrate a digital trading service or portal integration with your current product and service offerings.

FinTech Startups, Software Developers (Connect via API)

Launch your product or service into the financial markets using our APIs at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. Users can connect to a testing environment before trading live. Orders sent through the WebTrader API are checked for buying power, order handling rules, and risk management parameters as they are entered.


It's Easy to Connect to Us:

Obtain WebTrader API Documentation.

Test your connections.

Launch Product.





Customer Account Access

Customers are provided web based and mobile account access to their online brokerage accounts.


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