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Stock and Options Trading

Stock and Options Trading

Get Started with WebTrader, you'll get:

Unlimited trading dashboards with tabs and customizable layouts and touch optimized screens
Enter limit, Market, Stop, Trailing Stop, One Cancels Another, and One Triggers Another Orders
Trade using Web, Mobile, and Tablet devices including IOS, Apple Watch, and Android
Monitor orders, positions, profit and loss, and account balances in real-time
Touch a price or chart and quickly enter orders for stocks, options, or options spread orders up to 4 legs

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Accessible Everywhere, Trade from Anywhere.

Submitting equity and options orders is a breeze. Enter equity and options orders, single legged options, and option spreads (including credit, debit, and complex orders) up to four legs, from the web or a mobile device, wherever you are.

Stocks and Options Trading

Whether trading from a PC, Mac, or Mobile Device, the platform delivers a highly configurable experience for Stocks and Options trading.

Simple and Advanced Order Types

Market and Limit







Conditional Orders

Complex Options - Credit and Debit Spreads, Vertical spreads,  Straddles, Condors, Butterfly,Straddles Directional, and more.

Straight Forward Pricing for All Types of Investors

Whether you're a long term investor, active trader, or swing trader, you'll get straight forward pricing.
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Individual Investors – Autoshares provides brokerage account services for Cash/Margin, IRA's, Trusts, and other account types. Benefits include access to a wide selection of investing and trading products.

Corporate and Employee Accounts – AutoShares provides Corporate, LLC, 401k, IRA/SEP, 10b51 Plans, and Employee Stock Option Conversion accounts. Benefits include access to a wide selection of investing and trading products.

Registered Investment Advisors - Autoshares offers custodial brokerage account services to RIA's. Benefits include a selection of account types, investing and trading products, and advanced technologies for account management.

Institutional Accounts– Autoshares offers a selection of account types, front end trading solutions, and market connectivity services through API connection.

Application Developers and Third Party Systems  Our state of the art technology infrastructure is available to third party application developers. Creative companies can integrate third party applications with our data center and order management system.


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