With AutoShares, IRA/SEP/401k accounts can be fully funded and ready for investing according to your instructions.

Benefits of a SEP IRA Account

A SEP IRA llows an employer (typically a small business or self-employed individual) to make retirement plan contributions into a Traditional IRA account established in the employee's name, instead of to a pension fund in the company's name. SEP-IRA account contributions are treated as part of a profit-sharing plan. For employees, the employer may contribute up to 25% of the employee's wages to the employee's SEP-IRA account. For example, if an employee earns $40,000 in wages, the employer could contribute up to $10,000 to the SEP-IRA account.

The total contribution to a SEP-IRA account should not exceed the lesser of 25% of income (20% for self-employed before self-employed tax deduction is included or $42,000 for 2005, $44,000 for 2006, $45,000 for 2007; $46,000 for 2008; $49,000 for 2009. For 2010 and 2011, the maximum SEP IRA contribution remains at $49,000 and the compensation used in the calculation is capped at $245,000 (e.g., an employer making a 10% contribution cannot contribute more than $24,500 for any employee). Contributions may be made to the plan up until the date that the employer's return is due for that year.

Dollar Cost Averaging

Dollar-cost averaging and conditional strategies are utilized by investment professionals with the intention of creating balance, over time, for an investment portfolio. Dollar-cost averaging takes the form of investing equal monetary amounts regularly and periodically over specific time periods (such as $100 monthly) in a particular investment or portfolio. More shares are purchased when prices are low and fewer shares are purchased when prices are high. This strategy is used to lower the total average cost per share of the investment, giving the investor a lower overall cost for the shares purchased over time.

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Gather your investment account statements and decide which investment activities you would like to automate. Once you have an idea of which investments you want to automate, open a brokerage account with us. Soon you will be on your way to freeing up your time, while your investment plan goes to work.

Free up your time

Your self-directed online account is always available and you can cancel instructions in your AutoShares account at any time.


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Individual Investors – Autoshares provides brokerage account services for Cash/Margin, IRA's, Trusts, and other account types. Benefits include access to a wide selection of investing and trading products.

Corporate and Employee Accounts – AutoShares provides Corporate, LLC, 401k, IRA/SEP, 10b51 Plans, and Employee Stock Option Conversion accounts. Benefits include access to a wide selection of investing and trading products.

Registered Investment Advisors - Autoshares offers custodial brokerage account services to RIA's. Benefits include a selection of account types, investing and trading products, and advanced technologies for account management.

Institutional Accounts– Autoshares offers a selection of account types, front end trading solutions, and market connectivity services through API connection.

Application Developers and Third Party Systems -  Our state of the art technology infrastructure is available to third party application developers. Creative companies can integrate third party applications with our data center and order management system.


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