Schedule Investments

Schedule Investments

The process of managing investment related brokerage and retirement accounts requires a great deal of time and effort. Staying focused on it all can be tedious and time consuming. And, due to life circumstances, plans and opportunities may be missed or delayed. With AutoShares, investment transactions are entered into your investment account according to your instructions, freeing up your time to focus on your lifestyle. Getting your plan to go to work does not need to be a full time job. Once you have input your plan into AutoShares, we'll continue to process your orders according to your pre-determined instructions. AutoShares Scheduled Investing service works in conjunction with your investment plan. We'll automatically schedue an execute your transactions. You can also enter transactions in your online brokerage account using this service.

Schedule Automatic Investments 
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Schedule Automatic Investment Transactions with AutoShares

Schedule Automatic Investment Transactions for up to 18 months
Schedule Funding and Automatic Investments into Traditional and Roth IRA's, SEP, 401K, Education IRAs
Schedule Automatic Investing in Stocks, Leaps, ETFs and Mutual Funds
Schedule Automatic Funding and Withdrawals 
Schedule Purchases and Sales of Securities
Enter Your Self-Directed Financial Plan or
Enter a Plan Provided to you by your Third Party Financial Advisor

Can I cancel, change, or update my scheduled orders?

Yes, Scheduled transaction are reserved in time slots, and will be entered into within the eight hour market of the day you scheduled your transaction. You can update, change, or cancel your orders prior to the trading day and we suggest at least 24 hours prior to the transaction to cancel a transaction.  You will receive notices from the scheduler once the order has been changed, cancelled or modified. 

Can I enter additional instructions?

To make the most of AutoShares, provide as much detail as possible on the order screens. You can easily share special instructions and attach notes.

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