Publish Trade Signals

Publish Trade Signals

Publish Trade Signals.
Build Subscribers.

If you are good trader, or have developed a good trading algorithm or trading method, you should utilize the Autotrading platform for your trade signals.

Top-Earning Trade Leaders on Collective2

Payouts above represent the total payments made to the Top 20 Publishers.

With over 100,000 registered users, Collective2 has hundreds of millions of dollars of automated transactions flowing through the AutoTrade platform each week.

If your strategy performs well, you will probably make money. How much? That obviously depends on your strategy, but we can give you some benchmarks.

The highest-grossing system strategy publisher on the Collective2 system has earned over a half-million dollars. Other strategies approach the $100,000 dollars in revenue level. And quite a few good strategies cluster around the $50,000 to $75,000 level.

How to Submit Trade Signals

To “run a strategy”, you’ll need to submit buy and sell signals. That means: when it’s time to buy something, you need to tell us, “Buy now.” When it’s time to sell, you’ll need to tell us, “Sell now.” Which raises the question: How do you actually tell us when it is time to buy or sell? What do you type… and where?

The simplest, most direct way to enter trades is to use our QuickTrade Web-based Trade Entry screen. It looks a lot like a broker's trade screen. You enter what you want to Buy or Sell, and how much, etc.



Use our web site to type your buys and sells, and “publish” them for your subscribers. Like using an online brokerage  account (but no brokerage account required) 



If you'd like to become a Publisher, you can use your AutoShares brokerage account to do it. You can just trade your system and the Autotrade Platform will “read” your trades and automatically publish them for your subscribers. This means that you can attract "followers" (subscribers) to your strategy, and their brokerage accounts will closely mirror yours. You'll build your strategy track record on the AutoTrade System just like other strategy managers do. Except, instead of typing your trade signals directly into the system, we'll automatically post your trade signals based on what your brokerage account trades.

Note that:

Your  track record will not exactly match your brokerage account performance. It will be a close facsimile of your broker performance, but not an identical one. Rather, your record on the autotrade system will resemble how your followers perform when they copy your trades (as opposed to your trades themselves).



If you own a trading system on the autotrading platform and want to enter your signals by sending us an email, you    need to follow a very specific format. This document will explain the format.

First, however, we need to stress that email signal entry is not appropriate for everyone.

  • Email delivery can be slow, and processing times can not be guaranteed. Sometimes emails bounce around the Internet for several minutes before they reach their destinations. While this is growing increasingly rare, it could happen. So: if you are entering signals which need to be posted and executed right away, it is probably better to log in to the Web site, and use the order entry screen. At a minimum, if you email an absolutely vital signal, you may want to check that it has been processed
  • Not all features are available through email. Email allows only the most basic kind of signal entry.

Assuming the limitations above are acceptable to you, here is the way you can use email to enter your trades.

Get Started, Today. Create a Strategy.

You can create a trading strategy for free. Use this period to try out all the features included on the platform. If you like us (we’re sure you will), then you can utilize the Publisher dashboard to maintain your strategy.

Click Here to Get Started -  After you login, please navigate to Create Strategy to Get Started..

Once you start signing up subscribers, we’ll take care of all the transaction processing. Subscription fees for your publication sales will go 100 percent to you. And you have an option to broadcast through various distribution channels - if which additional fees may apply. Please contact us for details.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Offer Autotrading to subscribers. Included.

  • Broadcast signals via email, Instant Messenger, or cell phone. Included.

  • Private forum for your subscribers. Included.

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