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The process of managing several investment-related brokerage and retirement accounts requires a great deal of time and effort. Staying focused on it all can be tedious and time-consuming. And, due to life circumstances, investment plans and opportunities may be missed or delayed.  With AutoShares, investment orders and trade transactions are automatically processed to your AutoShares Online Brokerage Accounts, according to your pre-determined instructions.

When trade transactions have been completed in your AutoShares accounts, trade notifications are sent to you.  So while you're at work or play, you can track your trade activity and stay on top of what's happening with your investments.

AutoShares Includes:

Stress-free account management
Easy funding to/from AutoShares Accounts
More time and freedom, while your AutoShares account goes to work

AutoShares- Web Trader
 Online Investing
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Invest or Trade Stocks, Options, and ETFs using any device.
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 Schedule Automatic
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Automatic investing is a way to set up a routine investing schedule for your investment accounts. Once set up, the plan will automatically invest your asset into the investments you select to help you reach your investment account funding and planning goals. You can schedule automatic funding and purchases for up to two years.
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AutoShares- Web Trader 
  Autotrade Newsletter

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Execute Stock, Options, or ETF trades based on your Newsletter’s trade alerts.

AutoTrading allows you to implement trades recommended by the Investment Newsletter of your choice by authorizing AutoShares to accept their trading instructions. Trade alerts received by AutoShares are automatically executed for your account according to your pre-set parameters. There is no extra charge for this service. Standard fees apply. 
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 AutoShares- Web TraderAutomated Trading
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An automated trading system that connects investors with automated trading systems being trade right now.  Automatically make the same trades as in your AutoShares Online Brokerage Account. 
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AutoShares API
  Connect Apps and
  Services to AutoShares

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Integrate Financial Products and Services to AutoShares for Order Management and Trade Processing.
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Commonly Asked Questions

How do I set up an AutoShares account?

First, Open an AutoShares Online Brokerage Account. Then enter autotrade execution and automatic investing instructions.
It's that easy.

What Type of Account Can I Open or Transfer to AutoShares?

AutoShares accepts Individual, Corporate, Trust, Retirement(IRA and 401K Rollovers) and Educational Savings accounts.  We'll help you set up and or/transfer accounts from an existing brokerage account to your new AutoShares self-directed online brokerage account. Soon you will be on your way to freeing up your time, while your self-directed automatic investing plan goes to work.

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Individual Investors – AutoShares provides brokerage account services for Cash/Margin, IRA's, Trusts, and other account types. Benefits include access to a wide selection of investing and trading products.

Corporate and Employee Accounts –AutoShares provides Corporate, LLC, 401k, IRA/SEP, 10b51 Plans, and Employee Stock Option Conversion accounts. Benefits include access to a wide selection of investing and trading products.

Registered Investment Advisors - AutoShares offers custodial brokerage account services to RIA's. Benefits include a selection of account types, investing and trading products, and advanced technologies for account management.

Institutional Accounts – AutoShares offers a selection of account types, front-end trading solutions, and market connectivity services through API connection.

Application Developers and Third Party Systems -  Our state of the art technology infrastructure is available to third-party application developers. Creative companies can integrate third-party applications with our data center and order management system.


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